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Guiding Families Toward Prosperity

Guiding families toward prosperity is an immense responsibility, but it is a challenge wholly embraced by the Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors team.

Based in Winter Park, Florida, Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors is led by founder and CEO David A. Witter, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and Certified Succession Planner™, and Katie M. Witter, principal and wealth advisor, and a Certified Succession Planner™. Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors have been helping families, businesses, and individuals build and preserve wealth since 2002.

Financial Services

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ services include:

Mitigating taxes
Establishing or strengthening estate plans
Protecting family and business assets
Planning charitable giving
Selling businesses
Planning family and/or business succession










Financial harvest wealth advisors

We Believe our clients can live a life of significance that’s about more than money. What that means is money is a tool that can provide freedom to focus on what really matters.

We do that by optimizing their success in their wealth, mitigating taxes, taking care of their loved ones, protecting their assets and impacting the charitable causes that are important to them… making a positive difference in the world.”

— David and Katie Witter

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors' personalized services also include a professional network of hand-picked attorneys, CPAs, and insurance specialists collaborating with us on your behalf. Additionally, there are partnerships with concierge medical, business, and family service providers. This exclusive network enables a depth of capabilities that serve our clients.

How We Serve Our Clients

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ clients are thoughtful. They know what matters to them. They have relationships that are important to them. Their investment philosophy is disciplined. They’re purposeful. Their families, their lives, their businesses are established.

Our clients are knowledgeable and educated about their finances. Our clients can learn how to effectively adjust to a changing economic and political environment under the advisement of a skilled team of financial consultants working collaboratively on their behalf.


Our Clients Begin With Six to Seven Figures in Investable Assets

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ clients are successful people who appreciate financial leadership throughout their lifetime:

Family Business Owners
The “Millionaire Next Door”
Lockheed VPs & Directors
Presidents of Companies
Generational Families
Family Stewards

Begin With a Client Discovery Meeting

We invite you to a Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ Client Discovery Meeting to talk about what’s most important to you: 

Which relationships are meaningful to you?
What are your career objectives?
What are your charitable interests?
What are your values?
What does living a good life mean to you?

The Financial Harvest Wealth Management Consultative Process

The Financial Harvest Wealth Management Consultative Process provides clients highly-personalized, fee-based financial advice from fiduciaries. This guidance helps them to sustain their chosen lifestyles throughout the entirety of their lives, including decades in retirement.

A skilled team works continuously on your behalf so that you, your family, and your business can adapt to life’s ever-changing circumstances without fear.

Isn’t it time that you receive the financial guidance and structure that you need now for life, for your business, and for your family, and future generations?

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Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors creates a safe environment in our office for visiting clients by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and we have installed UV lights in our A/C system. Or, we'll work with you via Zoom or telephone conference. Your health, well-being, and peace of mind is our primary concern. 
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