Asset Protection

Asset protection

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ asset protection strategies help to protect your hard-earned assets from being unjustly taken from civil litigation and family divorce. It helps insulate your wealth in a legal manner to give you peace of mind you have the most appropriate, and cost-effective, strategies in place.

As with all planning, you have to have your asset protection strategies in place before the litigation attack occurs. In addition, your planning today cannot only protect your assets in the near future, but also the wealth you leave to your loved ones.

Asset protection typically includes a five-pronged approach:

  1. Assessing sources of litigation threats, likelihoods and severity
  2. Proper titling and ownership of accounts and assets to make them harder to “penetrate”
  3. Utilizing accounts that have creditor protection specific in your state
  4. Building liability insurance hedges to transfer some, if not all, of the risk
  5. Irrevocable trusts with proper trustee powers and language.

We can share countless stories of people referred to us for asset protection after it is too late. It is tragic when a “fender bender” leads to a sizable judgement beyond the defendant’s limits of liability unjustly taking critical assets they need to take care of their families. Asset protection avoids this unnecessary tragedy.

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