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Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ clients report that our continuous client education about changing situations that affect them and new planning opportunities relevant to them, gives them peace of mind. It also affirms that they are making wise decisions with their wealth.

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with a serious health condition, you’re eager to ask your doctor many questions about the situation, and course of actions to take. Your finances are no different.

Without education, it is hard to know “the whys.” And, without knowing why you are executing a plan, it is easy to get distracted or knocked off course, especially in challenging times of much social, political, and economic change.

David Witter, founder, and CEO of Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors in Winter Park, Florida, got his teacher’s heart from his mom who was a math teacher for 37 years. He and the team lead a number of client education initiatives including:

  1. Teaching retirement planning courses at Rollins College
  2. Timely webinars addressing recent law changes, or tax policy changes, and what to be doing now – SECURE Act, CARES Act, 2018 Tax Reform and its sunset, to name a few
  3. Videos posted on our blog address how volatile market moves affect their investments and what to do now
  4. Holding client meetings to build background on course of action options and why we recommend a specific course of action
  5. College preparation, resume and interview preparation course for clients’ young adult children to help them launch their careers successfully
  6. Client-only education events on investment strategies for success no matter the circumstances, such as an upcoming Presidential Election
  7. Articles posted and distributed on our website blog on pertinent topics such as health care planning, Qualified Opportunity Zones, Charitable Trusts, family meetings, asset protection, longevity
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