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Your Free Financial Planning
Second Opinion

Gain Confidence and Peace of Mind

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Second Opinion Financial Checkup

Most individual and family financial plans weren’t designed in anticipation of a global pandemic, disruptive politics, significant tax law changes, and an unpredictable and inflationary economy.

Everyone who strives for financial wellness and security needs a Second Opinion to confidently know how effectively their financial and retirement planning will serve them during these challenging times. With tax law and fiscal policies changing and an unpredictable economic landscape ahead, individuals and couples at all stages in their life need to know that they are maximizing their financial security.

The team at Financial Harvest invites you to get the answers you need for sound and confident decision-making now, and for many secure and bountiful years ahead.

We invite you to a free, no strings attached, Second Opinion Financial Checkup.

...although you cannot predict the future, you can confidently prepare for it.

What is a Second Opinion Financial Checkup?

Your confidential, personalized financial assessment starts with a Discovery Meeting, followed by a Preliminary Wealth Plan Meeting, including appropriate deliverables.

Step 1: The Discovery Meeting

One of our Financial Advisors will meet with you in person or via a Zoom call. You choose the option that is most convenient for you. Our time together will be relaxed and informative.

We’ll share insights with you about the 7 most important areas for producing success with wealth.

Throughout our meeting, we’ll be listening carefully to everything you tell us. We want to understand where you are now and what is most important to you for the future.

Step 2: The Preliminary Wealth Plan Meeting

You’ll receive a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation, defining where you are now, the financial and family outcomes you are looking to attain, and the highest priority modifications to make to better position you for success.

During Your Second Opinion Financial Checkup

We’ll go over the steps that will best lead to your desired outcomes, including:

Tax planning optimized for tax savings now and in the future.

A wise and effective plan to care for loved ones and heirs.

Security strategies that protect your assets from being unjustly taken.

Best practices to optimize your charitable giving.

Start planning your future

"We believe our clients can live a life of significance that’s about more than money. What that means is money is a tool that can provide freedom to focus on what really matters."
David & katie witter financial harvest wealth advisors fl
David and Katie Witter
Founders of Financial Harvest

What Happens After Your Second Opinion Checkup?

Three possible outcomes

We confirm that your current plan of action is serving your needs and positions you to achieve your goals. You gain peace of mind.

We identify opportunities to improve your situation and we mutually agree that Financial Harvest can provide significant impact and value in helping you reach your objectives. With you, we explore working together.

We conclude that your situation can be improved, but that we are not the optimal fit for your current needs. Then we’ll point you in the right direction so you’ll know what steps to take next.

Ready to schedule your free Second Opinion Financial Wellness Assessment?

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Your Financial Harvest
Wealth Advisors

In 2002, Winter Park, Florida, Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors Founder and CEO David A. Witter, began guiding families toward prosperity.

Today, the Financial Harvest team has been built to address every family, all businesses’, and each individuals’ unique financial planning needs from now through retirement.

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Your free financial planning second opinion

This information is intended to be used for educational purposes only and does not constitute tax, legal, or investment advice.

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