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Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors partners with business owners to help them design company financial assets including benefits packages, talent development strategies and eventual exit monetization plans.

These plans can help to ensure that their business will build their personal wealth while contributing to their employees’ success as well.

Owning and managing a business includes taking care of your clients and customers. Being the owner also requires that you build a powerful team around you to ensure top value and a strong legacy upon your exit from the business.

Business services
Business services

In today’s rapidly changing, highly-competitive, global marketplace, attracting, developing and maintaining top talent has never been more challenging, yet more crucial for success.

Our extensive network of insurance providers, qualified plan vendors, and strategic planning professionals enables us to effectively and powerfully increase your human capital, autonomies and enterprise value to fulfill personal, career and business ambitions

Talent Retention & Acquisition

Business services
1. Retirement plan design and implementation (401ks, Profit Sharing, SIMPLE IRAs, etc.)
2. Company benefits coordination
3. Insurance counseling
4. Career strategy education to increase autonomies
5. Recruitment strategies and consulting
6. Continuing education and business philosophy resources

Succession Planning

Business services
1. Mergers and acquisition consulting
2. Successor preparation and readiness
3. Key personnel development
4. Legacy planning
5. Deal structure design – tax implications and fulfilling intentions
6. Maximizing and monetizing enterprise value

Retirement Plans

Today’s business owners face a global competitive marketplace presenting unprecedented threats and obligations, but also expanding opportunities for those properly equipped.

In order to maximize and ultimately monetize enterprise value, owners must attract and maintain top performing human capital (employees) while minimizing risks to their personal assets.

Business services

Qualified plans, most commonly 401(k) plans, have their own set of threats, obligations and opportunities for business owners:

Threat: Obligation: Opportunity:

Business owners personal assets are at risk due to their fiduciary responsibility as plan sponsors. But, they can delegate some, if not all, fiduciary responsibility and resulting liability working with qualified investment fiduciaries as ERISA intended.

New Department of Labor regulations require full fee disclosure of plan costs and expenses to participants. But, owners can efficiently comply with competent help and ensure their plan has reasonable performance and fees through benchmarking as prescribed by ERISA.

An LA Times article reported that investors lose 30% of their nest egg to 401(k) fees. But, owners with cost effective and industry leading plans have a competitive advantage in attracting and maintaining personnel, especially highly compensated personnel who invest significant assets in company retirement plans.

Succession Planning

Accepting 3(38) investment fiduciary delegation.
Avoiding any revenue sharing to fully disclose all fees with an independent open architecture platform and an agnostic benchmarking service.
Providing plans that often reduce costs, while simultaneously increasing plan utilization and participation.
You can have your plan benchmarked for a comparison with others in your industry and peer group through a meeting with Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors.
An example of how we can be of service includes how one business owner decreased total costs by 46%.
Business services
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