Kellen H. Williams, CFP®

Principal and Wealth Advisor

Kellen H. Williams is a Principal and Wealth Advisor at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors in Winter Park, Florida. He is also co-founder of Crown of Life Advisors,  the athlete-focused subdivision of wealth management of Financial Harvest. Kellen is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Licensed Investment Advisor who helps clients build their financial future by managing and developing their portfolios. Kellen holds FINRA Licensing Series 7, 66, 9, and 10. “We’re here for those who need help determining their financial goals,” Kellen said. “We want to be there to guide them, to help them make impactful decisions that will change and affect their families’ lives.

“A mentor of mine told me once that everyone has the right to have some financial education or some financial knowledge, but not everyone has the privilege. That’s something that I took to heart. I want to be a servant leader who can help people find their way and their purpose with their finances.”

Kellen’s interest in finance began at a young age when his parents divorced. He grew up experiencing the ripple effect of divorce on a family. Although his family didn’t struggle financially, Kellen was familiar with what happens when divorce and finances are not properly handled, leading him to a career in finance.

“Now I look at the way that I could’ve helped my mom. She was happy and took great care of us, but there were times when I wish I had the knowledge to be able to better support her in multiple planning areas.”

Kellen grew up in Orlando and graduated from West Orange High School as a member of the National Honor Society and a star linebacker on the football team. Upon graduation, he attended Vanderbilt University.

“I walked onto Vanderbilt University’s football team, which was an amazing opportunity,” Kellen said. “I loved Nashville. Great city. I really appreciated my time there and am grateful for the relationships forged and the experiences gathered. Thankfully, I also earned a full athletic scholarship during my time at Vanderbilt.”

Kellen’s father played in the NFL for 14 years, paving the way to instill a great work ethic and discipline in Kellen as he grew up. Kellen graduated with a B.A. in economics and went into the world of finance rather than football.

“I’d been playing football my whole life, and I am grateful for all the skills I’ve learned from it,” Kellen said. “But I was blessed never to have it forced upon me. I just developed a path with the assistance of others close to me, and it eventually became clear it was in finance.

“Teaching and helping others learn what I’ve learned was something I took to heart, along with growing in how to lead by serving others. I was intent on building a life focused on becoming a better steward, which led to a career as a wealth manager.”

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Client Philosophy

“Financial Harvest can best be described as a family office for our clients and as a family for ourselves. Clients feel an intimacy here that’s supportive and open. Everyone’s on the same page and aligned, resulting in a more personal relationship. Clients know that everyone’s on the same team, and we work together for the best possible results for them.

“I’ve been blessed to have been brought up in a family with financial stability, but I did witness a lot of lost opportunities. Now, when I can help someone else in a difficult situation or who could make an impactful decision but doesn’t have the knowledge, time, and/or energy to do so, then that’s a great moment for us to be of service.

“Our commitment to serve is one of several things that should be evident to our clients in every meeting. We’re going to ask: what are your purposes and your goals for this certain investment, or this house, this rental, this loan? What are your purposes for this life insurance policy? You must start here before you can really build out financial planning.

“Financial Harvest is a family environment – it’s genuine. As you get to know and trust us, you’ll find that we look out for our clients. We do the same as a team. We sometimes text one another at five in the morning because we’re all early risers. We check in with each other and schedule team events where we meet up outside work because we enjoy spending time together.”


  • Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Economics, 2015


  • Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, Winter Park, Florida, 2018-present
  • Charles Schwab, Orlando, Florida, 2016-18

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  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, April 2019, awarded by the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards, Inc., having satisfied the education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements for CFP®
  • FINRA Series 7, 66, 9,10


“My wife, Chardane (Char), and I are blessed to have two children, our son Ezekiel and daughter Shiloh. Our pediatrician told us from day two that they are both very passionate, and we certainly witness them living it out daily!

“We are both “plant-based,” and I am thankful Char is a chef with her own business. Our lives are blessed because she is so talented and was able to go to culinary school; I’m extremely grateful for her in many different areas, especially as a wife and amazing mother.

“I truly enjoy our family activities: going to parks, the Science Center, family stroller walks, the pool, cooking, and spending quality time together. I love coming home and seeing Ezekiel and Shiloh peeking out the window with excitement and joy every day. We have a very lively household, and it’s such a joy.

“We both love fitness and working out, especially my wife with her Peloton. I’m thankful she is driven by her health and dedicated to serving our family as a wife and mother.

“We attend Grace Church Orlando, serving as community group leaders. When not spending time intentionally with family, I love to connect with friends, volunteer, and help facilitate financial courses. I also love to read and play sports when time permits!”

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