Wealth Beyond the Win

Taking athletes beyond what is thought possible with their wealth.

A deep connection to athletics and the unique decisions athletes face

Wealth Advisor Kellen H. Williams, CFP™ grew up in a family of athletes at every level, from the NFL to the NCAA.

Rise to Fame or Fallen Glory

Kellen has both witnessed and personally experienced the unique challenges facing high-performing athletes.
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Enveloped in the competitive sports environment

At Crown of Life, we recognize and respond to behavioral tendencies and patterns that can prevail among athletes.

Better Every Day

Lack of discretionary capacity and improvable wealth-building habits create patterns that, with guidance, can change.
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Supporting athletes like they have never been supported before

Serving athletes at all stages in their careers as their financial wellness team, coach, and partner.

Guidance, Teamwork, and Intentionality

Find out how we can partner together to help you be the best possible steward of the hard-fought fruits of your labor.
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Wealth ... Beyond the Game

We serve athletes who have experienced rewarding success in their sport but lack the time or financial expertiese to give the same level of attention to their wealth that they devote to training and their families.

About Us

Specializing in You, the Professional Athlete

Athletes train to be the best at what they do, know how to receive coaching, and are at the peak of physical performance and mental fortitude. However, career demands typically only allow time and energy for training, competing, and family.

We are known for leading athletes to turn potential lifelong losses into generational wins by going beyond what is thought possible with their wealth.

Shortened Earnings Timeline

Athletes face an extremely shortened horizon for earning at peak potential. Learn how to maximize earnings now for a more secure tomorrow.

Tax Bracket Creep

High earnings can mean a top tax bracket. But thoughtful planning can help you strategically manage and offset your tax obligations.  

Litigious Culture

Both your high visibility and the physicality of what you do increase the odds you may be involved in litigation. Protect yourself and your assets.

Cash Flow in the Balance

A sports career can mean feast or famine earnings. We’ll help structure your resources, making it easier to keep life in balance.

Dynasty Estate Planning

Athletes are never alone in their journey. From family to their support team, sports stars have others to consider in their legacy and estate planning. 

Trust is Earned Not Given

Prevailing mistrust of financial advisors has resulted in many athletes missing opportunities for optimal wealth planning and asset management.

Timely Topics

The Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast

Kellen hosts the widely distributed podcast, “Plant. Harvest. Prosper.” where he and his guests speak to today’s challenges of shutting out the noise, staying on focus, and living purposefully toward prosperity.

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About Athletes. For Athletes. 

Insights on winning in the game & in life...

NFL Agent & business owner Joshua Grady discusses why having a professional team is important for pro athletes.


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Wealth Advisor

Kellen H. Williams

Kellen, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Licensed Investment Advisor is a dynamic team member and a Principal at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors. He strives to be a servant leader, helping people find their way and their purpose with their finances.

FINRA Licensing Series 7, 66, 9 and 10.

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Kellen Williams, Wealth Advisor, CFP®
Kellen williams family 2203
Kellen, Chardane, Shiloh, and Ezekiel

Servant Leader

Kellen Williams is first and foremost a husband to his wife Chardane and father to his son Ezekiel and daughter Shiloh. He grew up in a family with an athletic background at every level. From his father playing professional football in the NFL for 14 years, Kellen playing Division 1 NCAA Football in the SEC at Vanderbilt, both of his brothers winning state/national championships in track/field and wrestling, and his oldest brother becoming a professional mixed martial artist and current coach… Kellen’s life has always included a deep connection to athletics.

Exposure to this world from an early age gave witness to the determination, work ethic, commitment, and skillsets required to compete at the highest levels and the success that comes with it. Yet, unfortunately, for the same amount of success and “rise to fame” that comes in the sports industry, there is the same, if not more, “fallen glory.”

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Our business is majority owned by women and minorities.

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