The Importance of Having a Professional TEAM

Php professional team

NFL Agent and business owner Joshua Grady discusses why having a professional team is important for pro athletes and NIL student-athletes and how it even relates to your personal wealth planning.

Learn more about the newest initiative of Kellen H. Williams, Wealth Advisor at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Licensed Investment Advisor: Crown of Life Advisors. Collaboratively founded with David and Katie Witter, Crown of Life Advisors serves the unique need of athletes, helping them create “Wealth Beyond the Game.”

In Episode 17 of Plant. Harvest. Prosper., Kellen Williams interviews Joshua Grady, MBA, NFL Agent, and Business Owner of Grady Sports Agency and of Grady Media Connect. Founding Grady Sports in 2017, Joshua, at the time, was the youngest NFL agent and agency owner. He was also a top recruit coming out of high school and a past teammate of Kellen’s, playing Division I SEC football at Vanderbilt University.

In this podcast episode, Kellen and Grady examine issues facing both professional athletes today and student-athletes in the climate of NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) agreements at the college level. Their insights are interesting for all sports fans today but also parallel many of the challenges couples and individuals experience in choosing a personal financial advisor or wealth planner.

It’s All About Having a Professional TEAM

Joshua and Kellen speak candidly about the concerns of athletes and their families, specifically the anxiety and apprehensions that others will take advantage of the athlete, and the prevailing perception that agents, marketers, and even financial counselors are not to be trusted.

Joshua answers tough questions, including:

  • How do athletes sort through the conflicts and the hype, and know who to trust?
  • How do you balance financial autonomy and personal control, and your other responsibilities in life?
  • How can and should agents and advisors qualify their services and their fees?

In this podcast, Joshua even shares his process for helping clients determine for themselves if his agency is the one that will meet their goals and objectives.

As with every informative episode of Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Episode 17 is directed to helping listeners make wise decisions with their money and their wealth, and encouraging them to live purposely towards prosperity. Listeners receive completely objective and independent advice designed to help them succeed, regardless of their age or financial means.

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