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You have worked for decades in order to earn a living and take care of your family and now are thinking about what retirement looks like. Are you prepared? How confident are you in your retirement success?

Confidence begins when your lifestyle intentions are defined and aligned for you once in retirement. Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors lead clients to a series of considerations and reflections in many areas:

  • Marriage – how well aligned are your visions?
  • Family – help with education, care for aging parents, move to be closer, how to leave assets?
  • Finance – when can you retire and how will you generate income to maintain your lifestyle?
  • Health and medical
  • Housing – where to live, how many homes to maintain, home improvements
  • Spirituality, charitable giving
  • Travel and leisure
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Volunteering and community involvement

Once you have a handle on your intentions (and they can change over time), Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors begin planning to fulfill those intentions within those lifestyle areas. Money is not everything, but it is required to support living a good life across the two, to four decades of your retirement.

Our services within retirement planning include:

  1. Lifestyle planning
  2. How much is enough and why
  3. How much do you need to earn, save and invest in order to produce enough retirement income to maintain your lifestyle
  4. Which types of accounts will add capital to reach goals in optimal tax impact method, both now and retirement
  5. Producing at least three types of tax treatment distribution “buckets” to enable retirement income flexibility: tax deferred, taxable and tax free
    1. This flexibly helps with tax planning and Medicare B & D premium reduction in retirement
  6. Appropriate investment strategies to get to retirement and then maintain lifestyle while in retirement
  7. Distribution planning, not only to be tax sufficient, but also to minimize the selling of investments at a loss
  8. Retirement income projections are your lifeline to assessing the probability of achieving all that’s important to you

Notice we call these bundle of services retirement planning, an action verb, instead of a retirement plan. That is because of the rapidly and continuously changing nature of your circumstance. Here are a few sources of change that require continuous planning to maximize your success and keep you safe:

  1. New laws and politics
  2. Your financial situation changes – asset prices, income
  3. Government fiscal policy
  4. Health and safety threats and new ways to protect
  5. Social and economic changes
  6. New technologies and planning strategies
  7. Changes in your family – marriage, new grandchild, special needs, inheritance
  8. Your intentions change

The Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ Wealth Management Consultative Approach enables effective and timely assessments of your changing situations and new actions needed to keep you safe and amplify your success. We do that through our continuous Professional Network Meetings with experts to collaboratively assess client profiles as case studies to generate new considerations and planning opportunities.

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