August 9, 2021

Personal Finance Course for Ages 35-50 – August 2021 Live Events

Don't wait! August Wealth Creation Today sessions will start soon. This personal finance course is aimed at professionals ages 35-50 seeking to improve their financial literacy & strategy.

The years between 35 and 50 can be some of the most fulfilling in your life. But it’s also a critical time to make sure you are on top of personal wealth-building strategies. Instead of guessing or gambling with your future and security, and that of your family, we invite you to be part of a highly informative Personal Finance Course.

This course delivers answers to the questions that matter most to you at this stage in your life. You’ll learn information you can rely on. You’ll use everything you are taught in this class, and you’ll learn things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Set aside two hours on two evenings to take advantage of this opportunity. You’ll enjoy the classes but more importantly, you’ll gain in-the-trenches insights that could transform your future in powerful ways. And the cost is only $49.

Don’t Wait! First Sessions Begin Soon

Thursdays Aug. 19 & 26 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Tuesdays Aug. 24 & 31 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

This Personal Finance Course is Designed for Professionals

Personal finance course instructor david witter, cfp®

Taught by David A. Witter, CFP® Founder and CEO of Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, this class is purpose-built to answer questions and help provide direction and valuable insights for professionals who are thirty-something to fifty-ish. Entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business owners, those with inherited or earned wealth, and anyone who cares about a financially stable and rewarding future will benefit from the course.

When you commit two hours over two evenings, you position yourself to:

  • Grow your financial fluency.
  • Get up to date on the impact of changing tax laws and understand the actions you should be taking because of them.
  • Learn how the SECURE Act impacts you and your financial decision making.
  • Identify areas of your current financial planning that may be underserving your vision for the future.
  • Feel more confident in your financial choices.
  • Cover 65 key financial literacy and wealth planning topics.

Money Matters in Relationships and Just About Every Other Aspect of Life

Money tops the list of conflict issues in most relationships. The team at Financial Harvest understands this, which is one of the reasons we invite you to include your spouse or partner in the classes. There’s no additional charge for their attendance.

In addition to equipping yourself with guidance on how to manage both life and wealth planning, learning what the real barriers to wealth accumulation are, deepening your understanding of tax advantaged investment vehicles, and learning tactics for managing family finances, and serious investment and risk management strategies, you will also take home a 100+ page digital course textbook.

Let’s face it. Many classes tease you with the promise of learning important materials. This class delivers.

A Trusted Winter Park Financial Advisor

Located in Winter Park, Florida, Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors has been helping couples and families make wise and strategic financial decisions since 2005. For over a decade, David Witter has been teaching personal finance courses at Rollins College, as well as at the University of Central Florida, (UCF), Valencia Community College, and to government employees in Seminole County. Whether the course is designed to provide financial guidance and retirement planning insights for young adults or the young at heart who are nearing retirement, David’s dynamic, sincere, and information-packed instruction style has earned him a student rating of “Excellent” in 98% of all the courses he’s taught.

You’ll appreciate David’s own story of how his mother’s path to retirement drew him in to his career as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Succession Planner™. And you’ll come to understand more about why, as David, his wife Katie, and the team at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors have grown their practice to over $245 Million in assets under management, he’s never stopped teaching, sharing, and helping others achieve financial wellness.

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