August 20, 2018

It’s Time to Get Serious about your Happiness

Striving toward enhancing happiness has been shown to have tangible results and can make you more successful.

Making the effort to analyze the choices you make in your personal and work each day to ensure they are enhancing your overall well-being can do more than make you happier. Striving toward enhancing happiness has been shown to have tangible results and can make you more successful.

According to psychology researcher Shawn Achor, if you remain positive and have other positive people in your organization, you can improve your organization’s performance and productivity from 10 to 30 percent. In turn, if your team is happier, they take better care of your customers and have a greater influence on them which will result in doing well financially.

In our newsletter, It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Happiness, we discuss steps to create happiness from Henry Miller. He spent years analyzing the growing research on well-being and synthesizing it into his book The Serious, Pursuit of Happiness.

You can take steps to enhance your happiness and those around you.

Start with the Basics

To improve what makes you happy that’s within your control, start with some basic tips, such as:

  • Happiness is a habit. Make happiness habitual – if you are not as naturally happy as other people, incorporate happy habits into your life while removing other habits.

In our full newsletter, we share four other tips that will help you create happiness.

Confirmed Roads to Happiness

Golden retriever standing on a forest path, symbolizing the road to happiness

Research shows that basing your decisions on several directives can increase your happiness.

One of those imperatives is seek pleasure within limits.

“Real, lasting happiness doesn’t come by chasing lots of short-term pleasures. Happiness is not hedonism or doing your best to avoid all pain. The ‘high’ from short-term pleasures doesn’t tend to stick to us very long, and if you keep doing nothing but those activities, the moments when you do feel down tend to overwhelm you.”

There are more pathways to create happiness in our full newsletter that can help guide you.

Develop and Go

There are three proven happiness-enhancing actions that you can start doing now. One of those is:

Savor the future – “Write a description of hwat your life will ideally look like five years from today. Your vision of your ideal future will actually act like a beacon, drawing you to it. But don’t just take this step – also notice how it makes you feel when you envision a great future. This is how you savor the future, and in doing so you will elevate your positivity.”

In our full newsletter, we go into more detail about the other two actions that you can start immediately. It is up to you to create your happiness and these tips can help you start on the right foot.


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It's time to get serious about your happiness

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