March 15, 2018

Prosperous Family Stewards Test Their Financial Plans – So Should You

David Witter shares advice for family stewards looking to stress test financial plans to ensure a prosperous future for their loved ones.

Cover for uncommon success: how family stewards produce intentional wealth

David shares insights from his book, Uncommon Success: How Family Stewards Produce Intentional Wealth, on prosperous family wealth planning strategies such as “stress testing” financial plans.

What Does Financial Plan Stress Testing Look Like?

The simplest way to explain the stress testing process is to look at the sum total of your financial picture and ask “what if?”

Some more pointed questions in the financial stress testing process include:

  • What happens to my assets when I pass?
  • Who will execute my estate plan?
  • Does my plan cover my family’s needs?

Read “Prosperous Family Stewards Test Their Financial Plans-and So Should You!” below.

Although these all sound highly emotional, it’s all part of a family steward’s obligations to see to the needs of the family should they or another contributor to the family’s well-being should pass on, become ill, or have their assets threatened by legal circumstances.

Staying Focused is Key

Two simple gold keys with a red ribbon symbolizing the a family stewards role to support the family through focus and dedication

There is a clear process for testing the family’s financial plan for the future once the initial objectives are laid out. Whether it’s debating wills versus trusts, exploring retirement funding options beyond employee plans, or ensuring your health care needs are being met, each aspect of the total financial plan will come into focus for those who systematically vet their options.

For Family Stewards in Charge of Financial Planning, Keep Focus on the Family

No family steward is an island, spouses, siblings, and adult children will often have input on the direction of a family’s wealth, especially when more complex situations like trustee appointment and real estate are involved. Doing a financial plan stress test can be an exercise in stress of the personal variety.

Seeking financial planning advice from a professional or team is a great way to ensure your family is protected, especially when conflicts arise about the best course of action. Sometimes you just need a second opinion from the outside. It is an excellent way to back your personal financial objective building with outside expertise, so you can focus on what really matters: family.

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Prosperous family stewards test their financial plans - so should you

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