July 26, 2021

Tax & Estate Law Changes July 2021 Recorded Webinar

In this recorded tax webinar, David Witter, Carol Felsing, and Andrew Thompson share insights on pending & proposed changes to multiple tax & estate laws as well as how to prepare.

Last Wednesday, Andrew Thompson of ZKS and Carol Felsing of Felsing, LLC joined us for a live web event, discussing potential estate law and tax changes for this year and beyond.

Often with a change in administration comes a change in tax code, and the most recent is no exception.

Excerpts from the event

Knowing what goes through your return, I think is going to be key to people planning for this and helping their advisors plan for this.

Carol Felsing, CPA

[Step-up in cost basis] a big deal. And it can potentially change a lot of how people think about holding their investments.

Andrew Thompson, Esq.

And I really think charitable trusts will become a very key planning tool, even more so than it is right now.

David Witter, CFP

How do these changes impact your financial future?

In this webinar we cover:

  • Possible Capital Gains Increases
  • Ordinary Income Tax Increases
  • Changes to Cost Basis
  • Adjustments to Estate Tax
  • Ways to Prepare for Change
  • Attendee Q&A


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