Tax and Estate Law Changes

Tax and estate law changes

Please join us for our Tax & Estate Law Changes live video conference Wednesday, October 27th at 12noon! We have special guests Rick Pullum, President One Florida Bank, and Mitri Homsi, CPA and partner with Vestal & Wiler.

We will discuss tax and estate law changes under negotiation in Congress, their potential effects on you, and what to be doing now to prepare. We will also take Q&A from you, our guests.

Proposed changes that we will discuss include:

  • Higher capital gains and ordinary tax rates
  • Negation of Roth conversions used by many to save taxes
  • Lower exemptions for the estate tax subjecting many more families to this tax
  • Senators’ proposed negation of step-up in cost basis at death
  • Additional ACA surtax applied to S-corp owners
  • Higher corporate rates affecting costs and profits for the companies we own in our retirement savings accounts.

Space limited, registration required.

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