September 29, 2021

Welcome to the First Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast

The team at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors is excited to announce the release of the first episode of the Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast.

The team at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors is excited to announce the release of the first episode of the Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast. Every month, you can look forward to a new podcast you’ll be able to view here on the Wise Money Decisions Blog or listen to as an audio-only file delivered through Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other popular podcast platforms.

Listen to the audio-only version below or scroll down for our video version

The Plant. Harvest. Prosper. podcasts will target timely topics that could make a big difference in your financial decision making. And there’s no getting around it, the financial choices you make today can quite literally define your future.

Kellen williams, hosting the plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast

Look for most episodes to feature Wealth Advisor Kellen H. Williams as host. Kellen, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Licensed Investment Advisor is a dynamic member of the team at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors. Recognizing the critical importance of making financial education more widely available, Kellen strives to be a servant leader, helping people find their way and their purpose with their finances.

The First Podcast Features David and Katie Witter

This opening episode shares more about the Financial Harvest leadership team, business co-founders and wealth strategist David and Katie Witter.

David & katie witter of financial harvest wealth advisors, winter park, fl

In Episode #1, David and Katie share with Kellen and their listeners, their candid stories of how they were led to their roles as Wealth Advisors. They start at the very beginning, talking about the events that shaped their paths, and when their paths ultimately crossed, leading to their marriage and their business partnership.

More than the story of building a solid life partnership (although it’s a great one), Katie also shares how insights on the power of “compounding,” impacted her at a young age. It’s a topic rarely taught in school but one that she identifies as critical for financial stability.

David began his career path studying engineering. In the podcast, he shares how his life direction was re-routed following his parent’s divorce and how it ultimately led him to co-creating, with Katie, their Winter Park, Florida financial advisory, and their partnership both in business and in life. As David explains, “Lean in. Love on your clients and your team through the challenges and the celebrations … these are benefits and privileges I never imagined I’d experience when I started my career as a wealth strategist.”

Future Episodes of the Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast.

Episode 1 is only the beginning. Look for future episodes to cover a diversity of topics from cryptocurrency to how to raise financially responsible children and much more. And with each new podcast, expect Kellen and his guests to continually be framing their message in terms of:

  • What seeds can you sow now to set you up for financial success? PLANT.
  • How do you cultivate and take those seeds to the next level? HARVEST.
  • How do you sustain it for the long run? PROSPER.

Be sure you never miss an episode. The team at Financial Harvest is here to help you live a prosperous life.

Welcome to the first plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors Team

The Financial Harvest Wealth Advisory team is dedicated to helping address the unique financial planning needs of each family, business, or individual that we have the privilege to serve. Our team members are focused on client success and helping our clients realize their most significant and meaningful life goals.

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