National Boss’s Day Surprise for David and Katie Witter

David and katie witter

Did you know that October 16 is National Boss’s Day? According to, the day was created, “for the purpose of strengthening the relationships between employers and employees.”

Here’s the “card my yard” surprise from the team at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors to their favorite boss duo, David and Katie Witter.

“Our day is made and we are smiling BIG! Our hearts are full gratitude (everyday) to work with such an incredible team who strive for excellence, work hard with integrity and compassion, and are always striving to be better – and are also so much fun to be with and around!! Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors is what it is today because of all of you — David Witter and I are just along for the ride. We love and appreciate you, Leigh Ellen CleeveleyKellen WilliamsDaryl PlaceDani NC and Lauren Abramowitz! ”  


“So grateful for you Leigh Ellen Cleeveley, Lauren Abramowitz, Daryl Place, Dani NC, and Kellen Williams!!! I don’t know about being a “boss”, but I do know you are the best team ever to be a part of!! What a blessing!”


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