Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Episode 9. Understanding Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Kellen Williams CFP™ invites you to join him on a special episode of Plant. Harvest. Prosper. with guest speaker David Witter, Founder, and CEO of Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors.

As with every episode of Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Episode 9 is intended to help listeners make wise decisions with their money and encourage them to live purposefully towards prosperity. PHP listeners receive entirely objective and independent advice designed to help them succeed. As Kellen says, “No matter your age or financial means, we challenge you to define what does living a good life really means and look like to you and how you can use your wealth to achieve that.”

Understanding Crypto and Bitcoin with David Witter

David Witter is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Certified Succession Planner™. David holds FINRA Investment Advisor Representative License Series 66, which enables him to serve clients in a fiduciary capacity, and Florida Life, Health, Variable Life & Annuity State Insurance Licenses. In Episode 9, David helps demystify Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In less than ten minutes, you can go from wondering what cryptocurrency is all about to feeling confident that you know if and how it could factor in your investment planning and wealth-building strategies. You’ll also learn where and how to read David’s most recent article that digs deeper into the topic, helping you better understand the concept, the function, and the drawbacks of cryptocurrencies.

How You can Listen to/Watch Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Listen on Anchor

You can watch each monthly episode of Financial Harvest’s video podcast here on the Financial Harvest website. Mouse over the “News” tab in the navigation bar and then click “Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast.”

You can also listen anytime or any place with the audio-only version of the podcast that you’ll find on all the most popular podcast platforms, including iHeartRadioSpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and more.

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