Living Your Values in the Workplace

Living your values

At Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, we believe in living your values in the workplace. Gratitude, generosity, and commitment to faith, family, and community are extremely important to us.

We strive never to be one person on the job and someone else in our personal lives, and to consistently bring that transparency to our client care relationships. With this in mind, look for us to be sharing more with our followers here on the Wise Money Decisions blog about the Financial Harvest corporate culture and our team.

Sunday Night Hospitality

Group of people at the witter home for an event, demonstrating living your values by making time for community.

On August 22, David and Katie Witter opened their home to Dr. David D. Swanson, Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, and a group of twenty couples from their community. The event, a “Meet the Pastor” evening with Q & A., allowed Dr. Swanson to share insights and guidance and to answer difficult questions about how the pandemic has affected the church, marriages, and families. The conversation also offered guidance on what people can be doing right now, during these atypical times, to strengthen and enhance their relationships to become better partners, parents, co-workers, and community members.

Guidance Along the Way

Knowing the best steps to take to achieve your goals is never easy. And events of the past few years have certainly added to the challenge. Whether your objective is to be more effective in living your values in the workplace, preparing for your family’s future and security, or serving better in your community, seeking sound and objective guidance is always a smart move.

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors creates a safe environment in our office for visiting clients by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and we have installed UV lights in our A/C system. Or, we'll work with you via Zoom or telephone conference. Your health, well-being, and peace of mind is our primary concern. 
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