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David witter
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David witter

David Witter, Featured Speaker at E-Community Global Forum

When the jungle faces a desert season, every animal goes into survival mode. But the king of the jungle survives, triumphantly. Next Wednesday morning, May 26, learn how you, too, can Roar Like a Lion, rising above challenges. Join David Witter, CEO of Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, along with Nina Mutegi, John Thiongo, Ana Maria Lowry, and Dustin Lively, as these successful entrepreneurs and business leaders share their strategies and best practices for business success despite today’s unpredictable economic and social climate.

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Women in leadership
Women in Business
David witter

Interesting Insights on Women in Leadership

The global pandemic has impacted everyone, but in some ways, it has hit women, especially working mothers, in uniquely challenging ways. According to the 2020 Women in the Workplace survey, conducted by McKinsey & Company, one in four working women in America is now thinking about leaving the workforce, either permanently or temporarily, or downsizing their career for a role that is less demanding.

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