5 Top Wise Money Blog Posts: From Bank Collapse to Funding Education & Choosing a CFP

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Guidance for making wise money decisions, including bank collapse, saving for your child’s education, and choosing your financial planner.

In case you missed it (#ICYMI), we’re resharing 5 top Wise Money blog posts from 2023. The blogs include answers to questions on everyone’s mind and suggestions to help you plan strategically and make thoughtful decisions.

What Should I Do When 3 Major Banks Collapse?

Following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank in March, and more recently, the failure of First Republic Bank, consumers have understandably had many questions about the security of their deposits and savings and what actions they may need to take to protect their finances. David Witter hosted an insightful video for identifying what questions people should be asking and what actions, if any, they should be taking to help protect their financial resources.

You can read the blog, view the video, and listen to the related podcast with Kellen Williams, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ here:

Insights for Funding Your Child’s Education

College education can take a big bite out of a family’s budget. We invite you to revisit the blog and Plant. Harvest. Prosper podcast Episode 15, featuring Danica Bolton as guest speaker. Danica and Kellen discuss funding education with 529 Plans, Prepaid Plans, and other strategies to help you help your children achieve their dreams. The podcast also examines the impact of Secure Act 2.0 on strategies for funding education.

Choosing a Financial Planner

Do you know the differences between a financial planner and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™? This distinction could be significantly important in the quality of service you receive, and the decisions you make about who to trust when it comes to your finances.


What is a Go-Forward Plan?

Also on our list of hot topics for 2023 is the blog and the recorded webinar, Helping You Develop a Personalized Go-Forward Plan in 2023.

Written to help you get the new year off to a great start, this blog post offers timeless wisdom for life management and balance that you’ll find beneficial any day of the year.

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