Josiah B. Martin


Josiah B. Martin is an Analyst with Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, working daily to ensure that clients are well taken care of and that their portfolios are optimized to help them achieve their objectives.

Josiah’s passion for investments and personal finance was ignited at an early age when he participated in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course at his church in 7th grade. Amazed by the power of compound interest, he started funneling all the profits from his neighborhood lawn mowing business into the stock market. He was quickly hooked and spent the rest of middle and high school trying to convince friends to open custodial Roth IRAs to start saving for retirement!

Josiah grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and attended college at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, where he studied Finance and Accounting. While there, he was involved with the leadership of the CEE Fund (a student-run investment fund on campus).

After graduation, he began his career as a financial analyst at Dominion Energy, a Fortune 500 company in Richmond. Josiah worked in Corporate M&A and Treasury on teams that completed billions of dollars of M&A transactions and loan financings. He also held positions as an analyst at The Home Depot and Capital One but continually found himself more drawn to personal finance.

“Each day, as I worked to help the company make good financial decisions, I had a deeper desire to be doing the same for individuals and families. I longed for a more tangible impact that comes from helping a neighbor, friend, or loved one.”

To follow his passion, Josiah started a personal finance blog in his spare time. He wrote about personal financial topics, including investing, money psychology, renting vs. buying a house, and more. He quickly gained an engaged following of hundreds of friends, family, and coworkers looking for ways to better their financial lives.

While continuing his blog, Josiah achieved his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Florida and then returned to his career in corporate finance. Around that time, he had an opportunity to prepare a presentation for a friend looking for personal financial help.

“I remember one day when I wrapped up my normal corporate finance workday; I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening preparing a 30-page personal finance PowerPoint presentation (for fun) for a friend who had asked for some help. The evening flew by as I engaged with a topic I was passionate about. That was when I knew I needed to start doing this for a career! I couldn’t wait to review the materials with my friend and give him some helpful books.”

Nights and weekends, Josiah began taking coursework for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam to start pursuing his new career focus. After searching for the right cultural fit, he joined the Financial Harvest team in April 2024.

“I’m thrilled to be in a role where I learn each day how to become better at providing clients with exceptional service and financial peace of mind. I can’t wait to see how my role on the team serving our clients continues to develop as the firm grows in the years ahead.”

Client Philosophy

“I hope to have a direct impact on the personal lives of individuals and families through financial planning that is strategic and customized to their goals and values. I was very selective in joining the personal financial services industry. I only wanted to join a firm where clients’ needs were identified and met with care and integrity. Most people have heard stories of dishonest or self-interested advisors not acting in a client’s best interest. I wanted to join a team that delivers tangible and lasting value to their clients while giving them a great experience.”

“Education is powerful in helping clients understand how money works and making them feel more comfortable in their financial lives. I want clients to feel confident in stewarding their wealth for maximum impact within their families and communities.”

“Albert Einstein once said: ‘Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.’ This inspires me to try and make complex topics simple for clients so they can have confidence and peace with their financial decisions.”

Josiah’s finance degree, MBA, and unique background in corporate finance, coupled with his passion for personal finance, has equipped him to help clients in a personal, custom-tailored, and detailed way.


  • University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, MBA, 2020
  • Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia B.S. Finance and Accounting, 2017


  • Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, Winter Park, Florida, 2024 – Present
  • Capital One, Richmond, Virginia, 2021-24
  • The Home Depot, Atlanta, Georgia, 2020-21
  • Dominion Energy, Richmond, Virginia, 2017-19


Life is very full and fun for Josiah and his wife, Hannah, as they have two young, energetic sons, Eli and Micah. “They are tremendous blessings and make things lively!” said Josiah.

Josiah and his young family love neighborhood walks and bike rides near their house in College Park, going to parks and playgrounds, visiting Kelly’s for ice cream, and spending time with friends or at church. They are involved at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, where his wife Hannah works in the children’s ministry.

Outside of family activities, Josiah enjoys exercise, watching college or professional football and basketball, listening to podcasts, and giving the lawn a fresh mow. “I’m also an amateur weather hobbyist. As a kid, I developed an interest in tracking and forecasting Virginia hurricanes, storms, and snowstorms. Meteorology would have been my choice if I hadn’t studied finance in college!”

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