Wartime and High Oil Prices: Should I Adjust My Investments?

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Adjust my investments

In an inflationary economy, with the added impact of wartime and high oil prices, many people are asking, “Should I adjust my investments?”

In February, David Witter, Founder and CEO at Financial Harvest, looked at What High Inflation Means to Investments. If you haven’t already viewed this video, you will certainly want to. It’s so information-rich that many followers of the Wise Money Decision blog, are watching it multiple times and are sharing it with others.

Now, in a follow-up video, Wartime and High Oil Prices: Should I Adjust My Investments? David looks at how the two factors of wartime and high oil prices are adding to the complexities and concerns of today’s inflationary economy. And while oil prices have not yet reached true “record highs” they are certainly higher than oil prices have been in recent years, with no indication of when they will stabilize.

We never want conflict, but we should remember to thank and honor our servicemen and women for their sacrifice and patriotism

Wartime: US Major Military Operations Since World War II

David shares a log graph of military conflicts since 1950 and their impact on the stock market. (This is key information).

High Oil Prices: $100+ Barrel Oil (Inflation-Adjusted)

In a second chart, David looks at the three previous times in our history when we have seen (inflation-adjusted) oil prices of $100-plus per barrel. He’ll show you at what point and to what levels the market recovers following these times.

Principles During Volatile Times

Most importantly, David lays out 3 key perspectives you’ll want to keep in mind during these volatile times. Be sure to watch all 5 minutes of the video. You’ll learn ways that as a thoughtful investor and good steward, you can best respond to these inflationary times.

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