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College Funding

Many Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ clients prioritize helping their children receive the knowledge and education needed to successfully launch their careers. With the rising cost of college tuition outpacing inflation, this goal can at times be daunting. Our research shows that families achieve these goals most successfully when they are clear on their purposes, prepare in advance for […]
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Client Education

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ clients report that our continuous client education about changing situations that affect them and new planning opportunities relevant to them, gives them peace of mind. It also affirms that they are making wise decisions with their wealth. If you or a loved one are diagnosed with a serious health condition, you’re […]
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You have worked for decades in order to earn a living and take care of your family and now are thinking about what retirement looks like. Are you prepared? How confident are you in your retirement success? Confidence begins when your lifestyle intentions are defined and aligned for you once in retirement. Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors lead […]
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Business Sale

In most cases, you only have one shot at a business sale. Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ research finds that planning and intention are the number one factors in the satisfaction that business owners feel after their business is sold. Intentionality not only means know what “your number is,” but also what the next chapter in […]
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Succession is the planning of who it is that will lead your business into future decades. Your business that you built is your “baby,” and it matters to you existentially that it continues to succeed after you have moved on to what is next. Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors finds prudent succession planning and succession success […]
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Charitable Giving

For many successful people and families, living a life of significance includes charitable giving — contributing to the causes they care about and making a difference in the world. Having those purposes makes charitable giving one of the most fulfilling and important components of one’s wealth plan. Giving can begin by simply writing checks or […]
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Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer is passing assets to your loved ones effectively and efficiently. Effectively means you transfer your wealth to the loved ones you want in an appropriate method as to not ruin work ethic. It also can include asset protection for your loved ones. Efficiently means you minimize income taxes, estate taxes and probate costs […]
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Asset Protection

Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ asset protection strategies help to protect your hard-earned assets from being unjustly taken from civil litigation and family divorce. It helps insulate your wealth in a legal manner to give you peace of mind you have the most appropriate, and cost-effective, strategies in place. As with all planning, you have to […]
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Tax Mitigation

Tax mitigation is reducing your tax burden, not only currently, but over your lifetime. Mitigating tax successfully enables you to keep more of what you earn, save and invest. to have more to take care of those you love, and the causes you care about. Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors’ approach to mitigating taxes includes, but […]
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Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors creates a safe environment in our office for visiting clients by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and we have installed UV lights in our A/C system. Or, we'll work with you via Zoom or telephone conference. Your health, well-being, and peace of mind is our primary concern.