February 2, 2022

New Year, New You? Transition Resolutions to Action with a Go-Forward Plan AND the “Hidden” Costs of Inflation – Episode 5

In this episode: Exploring the hidden costs of inflation, and an interview with Leigh and Peter Cleeveley on the power of a Go-Forward Plan to help with all types of household planning.

Happy New Year 2022, now well underway, and welcome to Episode 5 of the Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast. This episode is hosted by Kellen Williams, Wealth Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors.

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Hidden Costs of Inflation

Once again, you’ll find us talking about “inflation” because this elephant in the room cannot be ignored. In fact, inquiries about how inflation impacts current taxes was our most-asked viewer question this month. And thank you viewers and listeners for being part of our audience and for sending us your questions!

Although neither taxes nor inflation is on anyone’s list of favorite conversations, being on top of them and knowing where you stand is important, and in its own way, empowering. In Part I of Podcast Episode 5, we cover a number of life’s unavoidable realities, including taxes and inflation indexing; the mortgage interest deduction; capital gains exclusions; SALT deductions (which stands for state and local taxes); capital losses and the net investment income surtax.

How You Can Transition Resolutions to Action with a Go-Forward Plan

Moving from our information-packed discussion of the effects of inflation on taxes and other aspects of personal finance, we go to Part 2 of our podcast, which talks about a “Go Forward Plan”. We think you’ll find this portion of the episode to be both informational and inspirational.


In Part 2 we have the pleasure of chatting with our own Leigh Cleeveley, an Associate Wealth Advisor on our team and her husband, Peter. They talk about the reality of their busy lives and their efforts to balance and realize their objectives with their family, their faith, their marriage, and even their fun and fitness.

Their strategic use of a Go Forward Plan has been key in helping Leigh and Peter find balance, avoid distraction, and stay on track with New Year’s resolutions and their personal commitments and values.

We encourage you to carve out time in your day to view or listen to, “New Year, New You? Transition Resolutions to Action with a Go-Forward Plan AND the “Hidden” Costs of Inflation.”

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