February 5, 2018

The Road to Longevity: Living to 120 – and Beyond?

Medical science finds new ways to preserve our health and prevent disease. Are you familiar with the latest longevity advancements?

Around the world, average longevity has more than doubled since 1900, and is now comfortably over 70 years of age. In the US, the average is 78.54 years, which is an 11% increase from 1967’s average life expectancy of 70.56.

When we talk about longevity, it’s common to focus on searching for tricks to staying youthful, like eating bee pollen or drinking boiled water. More sensible tips to adding longevity of course include maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising regularly.

“A medical revolution is underway”

While there’s lots of things to consider when trying to increase your lifespan, one of the biggest factors to longevity is disease. As we age, we become more vulnerable to hidden risk factors.

Medical test output sheets behind a heart shaped object and a stethoscope head. - symbolizing preserving longevity through regular medical testing
Taking care of your heart by working with your doctor is key to healthy longevity.

Fortunately, medical science continues to uncover new ways to prevent disease before it needs treating.

In this Harvesting Prosperity newsletter, we share interesting details about disease prevention that will help you achieve not just an advanced age, but a healthy full life at any age.

In addition to this medical advancement news are two key options for how to make these advancements work for you.

When It Comes to Longevity, the Choice is Yours

Every choice we make impacts our long-term health. Sometimes that includes the choices we don’t make, like skipping regular check-ins with medical professionals, or ignoring opportunities to explore new horizons in medical testing that are available to all.

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The road to longevity: living to 120 - and beyond?

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