April 6, 2021

Investing Post Pandemic: Join Us via Zoom

You are invited to

“Investing Post Pandemic”

Only a few days left to join our April Virtual Lunch Chat on Investing Post Pandemic. You can still be part of this informative lunch and learn, but registration is filling up fast.

Join us on April 8, 2021

12:00PM to 1:PM Eastern time.

Your free registration lets you tap into valuable insights and information.

Please register here

We’ll send you the link /dial-in number to attend this event.

Financial harvest wealth advisors      Harvest wealth advisors and dimensional

David Witter will be interviewing Apollo Lupescu, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, PhD in economics and finance. Please join us for this easy-to-access, informative presentation. We will answer questions submitted by participants both before and during the conference.

We’ll be talking about:

  • How dependent investment performance is on economic conditions
  • How volatility in certain stocks (like Gamestop) impacts the integrity of the market
  • How you can position your investments for protection against inflation
  • If the market is presently overvalued
  • How the economy and equity markets differ
  • What “The Market” means and how it affects you
  • What specific sectors or stocks you’ll want to buy as America recovers from the pandemic
  • What we really learned in 2020
  • PLUS questions you and other participants provide both in advance and during the event.

** LIMITED TO 100 PARTICIPANTS (You really want to register now!)

For questions about registration or other ways we might be able to assist you, please email or call Danica@financialharvest.com, 407-937-0707.

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