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Still from success in inflationary times

We know the question of what high inflation means to investments is likely to be on your mind because it is on almost everyone’s mind these days. We are indeed hearing this question here at Financial Harvest, as people ask, “What does high inflation mean to investments?”

David Witter Talks about How to Be Successful During Inflationary Times

David Witter, Founder and CEO at Financial Harvest, delved into the history of inflationary economies, going back through 95 years of market data, which he then filtered, looking specifically at periods of 5% inflation and higher.

David determined that there have been 18 years out of the past 95, during which the United States economy experienced inflation of 5% or higher in the consumer price index (CPI). Next, he looked at each of those 18 years, comparing the impact on fixed income and US bonds across the broader stock market, and specifically on large cap stocks and small cap, considering both growth and value.

We know you will be interested in what David discovered. We invite you to take just four-plus minutes and watch this highly informative video: Success in Inflationary Times. You’ll appreciate how much you learn, and you will especially value David’s “4 Takeaway Principles that Work,” designed to help you be more successful even during periods of inflation.

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