Four Smart Surprising Health Moves You Can Make Right Now

Four smart surprising health moves you can make right now

The concept of living our best life – at work, at home or out in the world – can’t happen unless we take care of our health first.

Yet, we fail at being proactive in our health habits and ignore health-related issues that arise.

In our newsletter, Four Smart, Surprising Health Moves You Can Make Right Now, we discuss four distinct healthy habits from Dan Carlin, MD that can help navigate a good start.

One of those healthy habits is avoid exercise injuries by going beyond cardio. Incorporating stretching and muscle recovery besides cardio has better results and prevents injuries that can hinder your workout routine.

Two training programs that provide a big impact are:

“Dynamic Exercises” uses multiple muscle groups that build balance and flexibility.

“State Stretches” Is when you strike a pose that extends the muscle in addition increase blood flow.

A second health habit would be focus on sleep without medicinal assistance. Many believe that they can achieve more if they get less sleep however, that can’t be furthest from the truth.

It has been found that highly successful people – self-made millionaires – put a lot of stock in getting enough sleep.

A truly good night’s sleep consists of some of the following items:

  • Get seven to eight hours of sleep
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time

There are more ways to get a good night’s sleep and what habits to avoid such as sleep aids that can actually prevent the deep sleep your brain needs to function at a high capacity.

You are probably interested in learning the other healthy habits to start you off on the right foot. In our full newsletter, learn more tips about heart health and healthy nutritional habits.


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Four smart surprising health moves you can make right now

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