July 6, 2020

How to Help Parents – and Yourself – Live Better at 80, 90 and Beyond

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When we talk about better senior living, what does that look like to you?

Some may envision a senior living community, where people of retirement age can still live full and independent lives, surrounded by peers and with well-trained caretakers available at the push of a button.

Yet more than 3 out of 4 of people over 50 want to stay in their current homes and communities rather than move to a dedicated senior community, according to AARP. These results aren’t surprising, after all, who would want to leave the home and community they’ve invested so much in?

Keeping up with the challenges that come with aging requires investing in the future before it becomes a reality.

Better Senior Living Begins at Home

Happy senior man in his garden at home symbolizing better senior living at home
Keeping up hobbies and physical activity benefit us as we age.

In this Harvesting Prosperity newsletter, which you can read below or download as a PDF, the Financial Harvest team shares 3 critical considerations for living at home as we (or our parents) age.

Three main areas to think about:

  1. Assessing needs, now and ongoing
  2. Updating the home to adapt to changing needs
  3. Maintaining social and community ties

Protecting Loved Ones and Ourselves from Common Pitfalls

It is all to common to hear about a new scam that targets seniors. The world rapidly changes and people in retirement age may have stopped keeping up with it all to focus on family, hobbies, and personal growth. Many people of more advanced age are vulnerable to declining mental health, also. Unfortunately these factors make seniors both more prone to less carefully considered investing habits, or targets for exploitation by financially predatory people and businesses.

In our newsletter below, we cover key financial considerations for better senior living. When to plan, what to play for, and what steps to take are all covered.

Whether we’re focused on our parents, grandparents, or our own future, it’s clear that the answer to better living as seniors is planning ahead. There are a lot of tools you can use to plan for the future. Contact us at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors any time to start preparing a plan for better senior living through strong decision making today.


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