January 25, 2023

Are You Serious or Casual? How To Avoid Drifting Not Just In 2023, But for Your Life

The Plant. Harvest. Prosper Podcast is starting the new year off “intentionally”, looking at what it means “to drift?" and how you can avoid drifting now and in the years ahead.

The Plant. Harvest. Prosper Podcast is starting the new year off “intentionally”, looking at what it means “to drift?” and how you can avoid drifting now and in the years ahead.

We will be looking at the reflective questions you must ask yourself when considering whether you are serious or casual about what is truly important to you. And as with every episode of the Plant. Harvest. Prosper. Podcast, your host, Kellen Williams, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Licensed Investment Advisor here at Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, will help you know how to plant, harvest and prosper, making wise decisions with your money and living purposefully towards prosperity, starting wherever you are in life right now.

A New Year Often Re-energizes the Commitment to Circumvent Drift

Many people get more serious about their intentions with the start of a fresh new year stretching out ahead. Often it feels as if we start a new page in life. As a result, we may feel optimistic, focused, and empowered, whether our plan is to be intentional about health and fitness, taking care of finances, or other areas that challenge us.

Maybe you’re still on task with your resolutions for the year. Maybe you have already let them slip. Either way, you’ll want to listen as Kellen shares more about the concept and the consequences of drifting.

  • Learn the characteristics of people who are serious about their intentions and the typical characteristics of people who are casual with what’s important to them.
  • Find out what role your mood can play in your success when supported by intentionality.
  • Do you know what TGIM means and what it can mean for you? What about TGIT, TGIW, or TGIS?
  • We’ll look at re-centering, talking about when you need to do it and how to approach it.

Finally, we’ll help you strategize for your personal success, looking as we always do to Plant. Harvest. And Prosper.

PLANT  Become Hyper focused on what living a good life looks like for you.

HARVEST Utilize a Go-Forward Plan to help you. (Don’t miss the additional insights on developing and using a Go-Forward Plan found in Episode 5 of Plant. Harvest. Prosper. “Utilize a Go-Forward Plan.” and in our blog post, “Helping You Develop a Personalized Go-Forward Plan in 2023”)

PROSPER  This last step requires that each of us check in routinely with family ambitions and with other professionals.

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