4 Action Steps to Boost Your Effectiveness and Efficiency

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Time feels like everyone’s most precious commodity. Too often it also feels like the aspect of life that’s hardest to control. In our Harvesting Prosperity newsletter, we’re sharing 4 action steps to boost your effectiveness and efficiency. These strategies will work both in your professional and your personal life, positioning you to maximize your day while working toward the realization of the goals that matter to you most.

And as the article, written by Nick Sonnenberg, CEO of the outsourcing platform Leverage, and a recognized expert on efficiency explains, “intentions are not obvious.” You have to dig in and reflect upon them, talk about them, and keep them front and center in your life.

Sonnenberg outlines how managing your time and achieving your goals starts with, “effectiveness first, then efficiency.” He explains how, once your intentions are clearly defined, you must adopt the right efficiency mindset. “Efficiency strategies,” writes Sonnenberg, “can help you increase the velocity with which you fulfill your intentions.”

As you read the full article in our newsletter, you’ll discover other targeted efficiency strategies, but here’s the first one, to help you reframe thought processes that currently may be decreasing your efficiency. 

Efficiency Strategy #1:

Your brain is for creating ideas, not holding them. This is the whole basis for the idea that you need systems and practices in place that make it easy to access information so your brain can stay focused on what you do best—or simply having some fun.

4 Action Steps

As Sonnenberg identifies, there are, “many specific steps you can potentially take to make yourself more effective and efficient.” His first action step calls for you to create and share agendas for your intention. 

Business woman checking agenda

He’s telling you to make your plans known in a structured, definable and measurable way. “One straightforward way to combat inefficiencies in your general planning is to create formal agendas (using an agenda tool such as Navigator or others). Agendas prioritize key talking points, help with participant preparation and enable you to focus on your intended outcomes. This can help keep everyone on track and engaged, boosting effectiveness and efficiency for all.”

Interested in reading more? Of course! That’s why we’ve included the full article with all four life-changing steps in our newsletter.


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